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What Music? TARKAMPA!


Sometimes friends and  people ask me what music I am busy with. This year I’ll be fifty (!) and i make music since I was a small kid, so approximately since 35 years. I passed through many genres ‘cause I was studying and playing with bands at the same time.  Musical life took me in many different sound-places, but I somehow remained the same, in relation to sound and rhythm. My biggest influences were of many types from rock to contemporary classical and ambient electronic, with a special interest also for poetry, theater and cinema.

TARKAMPA is now for me a recipient for all this influences, running away from the main common areas  of music classification. This makes the project very fresh all the time. Here I am not a classical composer, a pop artist, a free improviser, a poet, an electronic music artist or a songwriter, but I am all and none of these at the same time.

I started with in a bar in Barcelona with this name (TARKAMPA), singing songs accompanied with electric guitar and looper-pedal, and making a new show every each Sunday night, for 4 years or so. But I was coming from the “art” scene of galleries, contemporary conceptual performance, and other linked fields of action. I was bored by intellectualism and luck of wide sight in the art world.

I discovered that in the so called popular music there is so much to be done, like in any other genre. And I feel we are on a seminal turning point. All categories of music and spectacle, like the entire western culture itself, are passing through a deep crisis, and I think it’s the right moment for reinventing not only the sound , but also the way to communicate with people and consequently also the way of making “art”. My instrument Tarcordium has been a tangible consequence of this attitude, together with my continuos investigation in electronic music and en vocal extended tecniques.

This is the main thing. Music and art is  a very important part of real human communication. If you communicate in a fresh and positive way, the necessary contents will be vibrating of their own life. And we can then forget any intellectual recipient.

So, I am looking forward to meet more and more friends and people who wanna share this sentiment, and move on, out of the stereotypes of love, of music, of relationship and finally  out of the stereotyped models of life.

Riccardo Massari S.  (founder of TARKAMPA)

More comments of our activities with TARKAMPA in the future – stay linked, and thanks to all you friends for the lovely and kind  support in these years!

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(Photo by Fran Saéz, Barcelona)


By The Other Side

TARKAMPA  production June 2016:  BY THE OTHER SIDE contains 4 new wonderful tracks recorded and produced this year. A new set of songs and video-clips, electronic, organic and emotional , psychedelic, minimal and electronic.

Videos: THE MEANING  (by Lorenzo Mazzega)  – BY THE OTHER SIDE (by Pere Ginard)


I have read all your books
I have heard all your words
And I can’t understand

I have considered all
I have seen your idols
And I can’t understand

And I wish, I wish that I could tell
what’s the Meaning of things
And I wish, I wish that I could tell
what’s the Meaning of things
that Humans say…

And I can’t understand…

I does not work this way for me
and I need something else
well I need your eyes to tell
well I need your touch to touch
well I need your skin to talk
well I need your face to say
without words, without written books
without anything of that

well I need
need your touch
need your skin
just to speak
need your eyes
just to tell
well I need you
(to) to let it be, let it be…



in Zombie Land
here everyone
is a walking dead man

This land
is a land of sorrow and pain
here people smile
in order to hide
in this place you repeat
the same errors
again and again

Shall you come by the other side
shall you see, how here we hide
shall you come and laugh again loud
shall you see how bright here the sky!

There’s no war
out of the Zombie World
there’s no pain
far from the Stupid Land

You can Fly High
By the Other Side
you can Fly High
By the Other Side

Look far
there they are
everyone there
is a walking dead man

If you think you’re real
come up and see
if you think you’re real
by the other side
see how fake you are

Shall you come by the other side….