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What Music? TARKAMPA!


Sometimes friends and  people ask me what music I am busy with. This year I’ll be fifty (!) and i make music since I was a small kid, so approximately since 35 years. I passed through many genres ‘cause I was studying and playing with bands at the same time.  Musical life took me in many different sound-places, but I somehow remained the same, in relation to sound and rhythm. My biggest influences were of many types from rock to contemporary classical and ambient electronic, with a special interest also for poetry, theater and cinema.

TARKAMPA is now for me a recipient for all this influences, running away from the main common areas  of music classification. This makes the project very fresh all the time. Here I am not a classical composer, a pop artist, a free improviser, a poet, an electronic music artist or a songwriter, but I am all and none of these at the same time.

I started with in a bar in Barcelona with this name (TARKAMPA), singing songs accompanied with electric guitar and looper-pedal, and making a new show every each Sunday night, for 4 years or so. But I was coming from the “art” scene of galleries, contemporary conceptual performance, and other linked fields of action. I was bored by intellectualism and luck of wide sight in the art world.

I discovered that in the so called popular music there is so much to be done, like in any other genre. And I feel we are on a seminal turning point. All categories of music and spectacle, like the entire western culture itself, are passing through a deep crisis, and I think it’s the right moment for reinventing not only the sound , but also the way to communicate with people and consequently also the way of making “art”. My instrument Tarcordium has been a tangible consequence of this attitude, together with my continuos investigation in electronic music and en vocal extended tecniques.

This is the main thing. Music and art is  a very important part of real human communication. If you communicate in a fresh and positive way, the necessary contents will be vibrating of their own life. And we can then forget any intellectual recipient.

So, I am looking forward to meet more and more friends and people who wanna share this sentiment, and move on, out of the stereotypes of love, of music, of relationship and finally  out of the stereotyped models of life.

Riccardo Massari S.  (founder of TARKAMPA)

More comments of our activities with TARKAMPA in the future – stay linked, and thanks to all you friends for the lovely and kind  support in these years!

TarcordiumTW1A1968 copy.jpg


(Photo by Fran Saéz, Barcelona)

A CYCLE OF VISIONS, new music by Tarkampa

What is this music? A set of visions, a combination of sounds from all over the world, worked out in a personal way by two musicians. Composer R.M.Spiritini and pecussion player Francesco “Sbibu” Sguazzabia started a collaboration in 1993 and today again they joint for a new project. The songs included in this album have been written from 2012 to 2014 by Riccardo Massari Spiritini; enhanced with percussion lines by Sbibu lo Stregone and in conjunction with improvised duets (percussion and tarcordium, an invented instrument) they form here a set of so called Visions, A Cycle Of Visions. Part of the material of this album was recorded live in Italy, other material was recorded at R.M.S. Studio in Barcelona.
Don’t forget to read the LYRICS of these songs, published here on the site! Enjoy!  A CYCLE OF VISIONS

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released 10 October 2014

Riccardo Massari Spiritini: voice, tarcordium, synthesizers,
Sbibu lo Stregone: percussions, add. voices
guest: Marco Pasetto , clarinet on #3
mastering: Enrico Terragnoli
image work by Sbibu©2014(you can see above the 9 pictures, one for each piece)
music composition and lyrics by Riccardo Massari Spiritini©2014



 Bird In The Cage    (madrigals and soundscapes:   2013-2014 voice, electronica, percussion, video)

TAR KAMPA offers set of works in a new style: Bird In The Cage combines soundscapes and chant. Riccardo Massari  for this new Tar Kampa format, takes advantages from his advanced composition background, using real time electronic synthesis and sound sequencing. The poetic chanted  elements seek to carry the intensity of  the Early Madrigal, melted with subtle folk melodies, marked by the use of falsetto. Analog sound, with original programming and delay feed-back techniques, takes the show to a field of psycho spatial atmosphere also fed by electric percussive lines. The video, slow and suggesting, prepared by Dripp, plays through  all the duration of the performance.

TAR KAMPA ci offre una serie composizioni di stile e formato nuovi. Bird In The Cage é una combinazione di paesaggi sonori e brevi canzoni (madrigali).  Riccardo Massari  per questo nuovo assetto di Tar Kampa, si avvantaggia del suo retroterra piú sofisticato di composizione, avvalendosi di sintesi sonora in diretta e di registrazioni di paesaggi sonori.  L’elemento del canto riprende l’intensità degli antichi madrigali, mescolati con melodie folk e caratterizzati dall’uso del falsetto, i testi sono originali. Ai suoni analogici, con tecniche di feed-back elettronico, e alle percussioni modulate e sottili di Francesco “sbibu” sguazzabia, si unisce il video, lento e suggestivo, prepareto da Carlo Sedeño, per un concerto visivo di una cinquantina di minuti.

Tar : synth & voice, Carlos Sedeño : video composition  – Sbibu Francesco Sguazzabia, wavedrum  percussions

a poetic exept from “Navigator” (English version of ANIMA)

(…) The day I will arrive
I will meet again
with ancestors and future astronauts
with unfulfilled thoughts
with blossoms and gems
and faded flowers

The day I will arrive
I will melt again
with the waters of all the fountains
the tears of all the children
that we have been
and we will come again
   in the infinite sky, I will be athomized
   in possible colors and flower-dust

upcoming dates to be confirmed and announced for a small summertime test-tour  (Italy, Switzerland, France, Slovenia) – recording session winter-spring 2013.

Confirmed 3-8-2013 a first premiere with sbibu on wavedrum at Red Zone , Italy.


to hear a soundscape reference atmosphere listen here

in the slideshow: some frames of the video work by Carlos Sedeño .  See videos at:

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TARCORDIUM a new instrument

Here we  present a  new string-spring instrument: The TARCORDIUM

After approximately  six years of investigation a new version of the string instrument previously called “Bagatto”

is now completed. You can see a picture  here and soon the sound will be on Soundcloud Spiritini page.

It has 4 strings divided by 2 bridges in 3 areas (12 fixed pitches). The two micro-phoned bridges are resonators and percussion elements as well.

The 2 piezo microphones permit to have a stereo output and a stereo image: central strings, left and right strings, left and right percussion sounds.

Springs are resonating and when plucked or hit or bowed give amazing sounds. The result is an hybrid instrument that sounds like cello, viola, violin, Koto,

African percussion and Kora… prepared piano and salterio

More on this subject to come!!!

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TAR KAMPA Happy Hour

Finalmente ya a la venta HAPPY HOUR, el Fanzine-CD primera edición oficial de TAR KAMPA. En el pequeño libro encontrarás los textos de las canciones y el magnífico trabajo de collages-dibujos de Pierre Ginard.  Tar Kampa empieza a estar  disponible también en la red  (bandcamp y pronto en iTunes store y Spotify) con esta exelente colección de nueve temas originales . El estilo es variado y los arreglos muy ricos en sonido: guitarras, percusiones y electrónica crean una rica y  estimulante atmósfera  que caracteriza cada  tema individualmente. La música funciona como soporte coherente para cada texto. Aquí se habla de la vida en las industrias (Infinite Chain), de revolución (Liberation Gospel), del once setiembre en N.Y. (Kollision), de la época de los transgénicos (Transgenik Dance), y del imperio global de las prohibiciones (Happy Hour)…  Solo tienes que dejarte llevar , y encontráras muy familiar este Happy Hour  de TAR KAMPA en 45 minutos de experiencia  folk alternativo.

    Finally available HAPPY HOUR, a Fanzine-CD which is the first official TAR KAMPA edition. In the small book you’ll find the lyrics of the songs and the amazing collage-drawings by Pierre Ginard.  Tar Kampa is starting to be available also on the net (bandcamp soon at iTunes store and Spotify) with this excellent set of nine songs . The style is varied and arrangements are rich in sound. Guitars, percussions and electronics make a rich and stimulating atmosphere that characterize each and every song.  Music stands as a coherent support to the lyrics. Here we talk about life in the industries (Infinite Chain), revolution (Liberation Gospel), the 11 September in N.Y. (Kollision), the trans-genetic epoch (Transgenik Dance), and the global empire of prohibitions (Happy Hour)…You’ll just have to dig out the songs, and you’ll find TAR KAMPA’s Happy Hour very familiar  in 45 minutes of alternative folk experience.

Precio  12€ _  edición de collección de 200 fanzine en BARCELONA:

Libreria LAIE-cccb : Montalegre 5  08oo1 Barcelona

CASTELLÓ SETANTA-NOU:     C/Tallers 79 08001 Barcelona