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TARCORDIUM a new instrument

Here we  present a  new string-spring instrument: The TARCORDIUM

After approximately  six years of investigation a new version of the string instrument previously called “Bagatto”

is now completed. You can see a picture  here and soon the sound will be on Soundcloud Spiritini page.

It has 4 strings divided by 2 bridges in 3 areas (12 fixed pitches). The two micro-phoned bridges are resonators and percussion elements as well.

The 2 piezo microphones permit to have a stereo output and a stereo image: central strings, left and right strings, left and right percussion sounds.

Springs are resonating and when plucked or hit or bowed give amazing sounds. The result is an hybrid instrument that sounds like cello, viola, violin, Koto,

African percussion and Kora… prepared piano and salterio

More on this subject to come!!!

El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.



3 comentarios

  1. mamadou

    artiste total, bonne continuation,bravo!

    marzo 20, 2012 en 11:55 am

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